For Sale

As we have both a busy working studio and a fully equipped darkroom at Platform3, we often have a turnover of items of equipment.

Listed here are various items we have for sale and if we have posted them in or elsewhere you can click the link to see more info.


LPL 6700 Colour/B&W enlarger for sale
Very nice condition - images in advert! You can see advert and images here on -

Lots of Darkroom equipment. We always have surplus darkroom bits and pieces, Trays, tongs, focus finders etc etc - Call Mike on 0868295039 if you need anything and we will see if we can help!

Durst M605 colour and black & white enlarger in excellent condition. Prints 35mm up to 6x6 - SOLD

Meopta Axomat 35mm black & white enlarger. Mint condition with 50mm F3.5 Jessop lens - SOLD


Manfrotto Panoramic Head - SOLD
Make perfect Panoramics using the Manfrotto 303SPH panoramic head which aligns multiple images perfectly for stitching with ease.